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Company Name LycoRed
Country Israel
Products Lycopene, Lutein, Beta-carotene, Clear Tomato Concentrate/ Concentrated Clear Tomato Juice
Characteristics Lycored produces natural carotenoids such as natural lycopene with their high-quality technology.
The company's representative product is a lycopene formulation called "Lyc-O-Mato®". "Lyc-O-Mato®" is the lycopene formulation which prides itself on the top share in a natural lycopene market.

Country France
Products Grape Seed Extract, Red Wine Polyphenol, Olive Fruitage Polyphenol, Grape Skin Colorant
Characteristics GRUOPE GRAP'SUD is one of leading companies in the business of concentrated juice, natural colorant, and functional food ingredients. The company is based in Languedoc, Southern France, and the predecessor was a cooperative association of wine business.
Today, GRUOPE GRAP'SUD supply their products not only to France, but also to all over the world, expanding their strongholds to Eorope and South America.

Company Name ACTICHEM S.A.
Country France
Products Grape Resveratrol
Characteristics Based in Toulouse, France, ACTICHEM pursues formulation development mainly using botanical extract component for the application of functional foods and cosmetic products.

Company Name Lalilab Inc.
Country USA
Products Saw Palmetto Extract
Characteristics Based in North Carolina, USA, Lalilab is a Saw Palmetto Extract manufacturer, extracts organic Saw Palmetto fruit from Flolida with supercitical fluid extraction method.
Their products are superior quality made from highly-selected Saw Palmetto berries.

Company Name Ingredia S.A.
Country France
Products Lactium®, milk protein, Colostrum
Characteristics Established in 1991, Northern France, Dairy coorporative-based, Ingredia is a daily products manufacturer mainly products milk protein.
Ingredia has advantage in Functional foods business, and they sells their products to more than 120 countries.

Country Spain
Products Paprika colorant
Characteristics Established in 1880, time-honored company, FELIX REVERTE manufacture and sell general spices including paprika.

Country China
Products Red Chilli Colorant
Characteristics This Red chilli colorant manufacturer have high supercritical technique. It is possible to customize color tone and color value for them.

Country Argentina
Products L-Tartaric Acid
Characteristics Located in Mendoza, Argentina, DERIVADOS VINICOS is a worldwide L-Tartaric Acid manufacturer.
This company is a subsidiary of GRUOPE GRAP'SUD.

Company Name BRENN-O-KEM (Pty) Ltd
Country South Africa
Products Cream of Tartar/ Potassium Bitartrate
Characteristics Establisehed in 1968, South Africa, BRENN-O-KEM is a leading company of wine related business including Cream of Tartar.

Company Name Jaeckering Muhlen Nahrmittelwerke GmbH
Country Germany
Products Vital Wheat Gluten
Characteristics This company is a gluten manufacturer. Their gluten is made from non-GMO wheat, and it is exported to Europe, USA, Japan and south-eastern Asia.
It is possible to maintain a stable supply by cooperating with bio-ethanol business using wheat gluten and this business will attract attention in the future.

Company Name Baolingbao Biology Co., Ltd.
Country China
Products Erythritol
Characteristics Established in 1997, Baolingbao is the biggest functional sugar manufacturer in China.
Baolingbao is also the biggest manufacturer for Erythritol in China with ISO・FSSC・KOSHER・HALAL certificate.

Company Name NUTRITIS S.A.
Country France
Products Fructose/ Fruit Suger
Characteristics NUTRITIS is a Fruit Suger manufacturer representative of Europe, and a group company of GRUOPE GRAP'SUD.
The company supply a wide variety of fruit suger of grape, peach, apples etc..

Company Name CHS Inc.
Country USA
Products Soy Protein, Soy Flour
Characteristics CHS is the nation’s leading producer-owned cooperative providing grains and food ingrtedients, and one of the biggest soy protein supplier in the world.
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